About us

Art on Stilts creates amazing, diverse and dynamic acts on stilts. Using theatrical and creative talents, the acts and
performances can be tailor-made to suit your event.

Or you can simply choose from our existing selection to compliment the event you’re putting together. From dance parties and festivals to fairs, business promotions and advertising campaigns, with Art on Stilts you can really bring your event to life in a unique and vibrant way.

Why not add some magic to your event and contact us today?

Art on Stilts - founded in 2001 - consists of a colourful group of stilt performers, musicians, dancers, fire performers, tissue acrobats, costume designers and our own body-paint artist. All with a broad experience in theatre arts.

By combining our diverse qualities and expertise, we are able to develop & perform new - stilt-related - acts in combination with theater & dance

We also create custom theater performances.

a selection of our clients