Winter Queens

beautiful illuminated winter queens on stilts

The one and only original (since 2001) Winter Queens! The winter animation act is a cheerful winter scene with beautiful white winter queens on stilts who, with their illuminated hoop skirts, create a fairytale atmosphere at every Christmas / winter event.

The beautiful ice-white Winter Queens are almost 3 meters high and the costumes have been renewed in 2020 and even more extensively equipped with LED lighting.

They can be used in many ways during winter and Christmas activities, such as:

  • Welcome of your guests (entrance act)
  • Dance choreography for the audience
  • Guiding the public from one location to another
  • Hand out flyers, goody bags or something to your liking
  • Animation between the audience
  • Many other (custom) options

The (optional) accompanying musical Duo Winter Princes (musicians) are playing a wide repertoire of Christmas songs and numbers in 'winter atmosphere'. They can also play songs upon request.

The musicians are mobile; they walk around playing, while our tall Winter Queens are dancing behind the musicians. The musicians can also be booked without Winter Queens.

Many combinations are available - three Winter Queens and two Musicians - can also be booked in combinations of solo, duo, trio or foursome. Examples of combinations are:

  • Solo, Duo or Trio Winter Queens
  • Trio Winter Queens with Duo Musicians
  • Solo Winter Queen with Solo Musician (accordeon)
  • Solo Winter Queen with Duo Musicians (accordeon and flute, Sax of violin)
  • Duo Winter Queens with Solo or Duo Musician(s)
  • Duo Musicians

The winter act is available in 3 x 30 minutes or 2 x 45 minutes within 4 hours time period.



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Winter Queens

Type of Events:
Christmas, NYE, theme white, winter shows, winter sports, new years & xmas receptions, openings, Christmas market, winter fair, skating events, holidays, dinners, ceremonies, welcome act, fairs, events, festivals, music.

Show Time:
3 x 30 minuten or 2 x 45 minuten.

1 - 5 stilt walkers + optional musicians.

costumes are fully equipped with ice blue LED light, which gives a beautiful effect in both light and dark spaces. Especially for Christmas and winter events.

On request.