Magic White Horses

these magical horses are an intriguing spectacle

These magically lit horses are an intriguing spectacle with beautiful white four-legged friends on stilts & front legs that create a fairytale atmosphere at any event or festival.

The horses are choreographed by the audience ..... suddenly they jump out of line. they rise, turn into female charmers or are they wings with which they seem to fly away?

These beautiful creations are almost 3 meters high and are equipped with special LED lighting.

They can be used in many ways in activities. For instance:

  • Welcome of your guests (entrance act)
  • Dance choreography for the audience
  • Guiding the public from one location to another
  • Hand out flyers, goody bags or something to your liking
  • Animation between the audience
  • Many other (custom) options

Also nice combinations possible with Musicians, and / or the Winter Queens. Please contact us about this.

The act is available in 2 x 45 minutes within a 4-hour time period.


Information request

Magic White Horses

Type of Events:
art routes, (theater) festivals, Christmas, NYE, winter & xmas shows, theme white, winter sports, openings, Christmas market, winter fair, ice skating events, holidays, dinners, awards, welcome act, fairs, events, festivals, music.

Show Time:
3 x 30 Minutes or 2 x 45 Minutes.

1 - 2 performers

Combination possible with Winter Queens

On request.