Lava Queens

beautiful creations fully equipped with special LED lighting


These amazing red divas are a feast for the eyes; from street theater to business event, these ladies will impress!

The Lava Queens are 3.20 meters high and perform a beautiful choreography on the street to jazzy songs. The costumes are fully lit with soft warm LED lighting.

The animation act is a cheerful sunny scene with beautiful Lava Queens on stilts who with their illuminated hoop skirts create a fairytale atmosphere at every event in both summer and winter!

These beautiful creations have special costumes made of high-quality materials and tailored with unique techniques. They are almost 3 meters high and fully equipped with special LED lighting.

They can be used in many ways in activities such as: such as: zoals: 

  • Welcome of your guests (entrance act)
  • Dance choreography for the audience
  • Guiding the public from one location to another
  • Hand out flyers, goody bags or something to your liking
  • Animation between the audience
  • Many other (custom) options

The Lava Queens can be booked as a duo and are available in 3 x 30 minutes or 2 x 45 minutes within a 4-hour period.


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Lava Queens

Type of Events:
welcome act, openings, fairs, events, holidays, dinners, ceremonies, summer events, festivals, NYE, theme red, Christmas market, winter fair, etc.

Show Time:
3 x 30 minuten or 2 x 45 minuten.

1 - 2 performers.

costumes are equipped with LED lighting, gives beautiful effect in both daylight and in the dark. If desired, Lava Queens can be equipped with mobile speakers and matching music.

on request.