General Conditions:

applicable for all bookings

Art on Stilts is a Dutch company registered as Kunst op Stelten V.O.F. with the Dutch chamber of commerce (KvK) under the number: 60161728

      1. Kunst op Stelten V.O.F. (hereinafter referred to as Art on Stilts) performs with the agreed upon number of artists. Art on Stilts has the right to decide with which performers they play, as long as they comply with the agreed upon quality of the performance.
      2. The performance consist of the agreed upon act, which is specified in the signed contract/quote.
      3. At each show/performance, reasonable breaks are scheduled, adapted to the program of the event.
      4. The performance takes place within a time frame of 4 hours.
      5. In case weather conditions, wet flooring or other dangerous situations, threaten to endanger the performance, Art on Stilts and/or her performers have the right to postpone or cancel the performance for safety reasons for artist and/or the public. These conditions are for risk of the booker and does not void the agreed upon payment commitments for the booker.
      6. In principle act are performed without the use of technology equipment. In case a performance needs the use of equipment, the booker is responsible for having this equipment available and in working condition, unless agreed upon differently. The use of equipment might be required with some specific act, which will be specified in the quote/contract. Payment of music rights to organisations like BUMA / STEMRA or similair must be paid by the client / location management.
      7. Booker is responsible for heated dressing space, which can be locked. Bathroom, running water and mirror must be in the direct vicinity of the dressing space.
      8. The performers and crew are entitled to a reasonable amount of consumptions during the time of professional presence (min. 2 consumptions per performer per hour), on the expense of the booker. In case of day/evening filling event, the performers and crew should also be provided with (simple) meals. In case of a multi day event, the booker is also responsible for accommodations.
      9. The booker will provide the appropriate permits and / or exemptions to provide the means of transport that are used by the artist with direct and unhindered access to the location of the performance and to allow the performance to take place without hindrance. The venue must have a proper and easily accessible loading and unloading area.
      10. Access to the location of the event has to be guaranteed at least two hours before the performance takes place. A contact person should be present two hours before the performance takes place to discuss the details.
      11. In case of unforeseen or “act of god” situations at Art on Stilts, such as illness, the agreement is void and releases both parties of any obligations. Art on Stilts will, if able, consult with the booker for a replacement act/performer or an other date for the performance under the agreed upon conditions.
      12. Payments:
    1. Payment method: By bank, after receipt of invoice within 14 days of the date of occurrence.
    2. Payment of the invoices by the Client will always be made within 14 days of the invoice date on the bank account of ABN-AMRO number: NL07ABNA0465021441 / ABNANL2A in the name of Kunst op Stelten vof in Tiendeveen. In the event of a dispute about the invoice amount, the Client will in any case pay the undisputed part of the invoice amount within 21 days of receipt of the invoice.
    3. Payments are in Euros (€) unless agreed upon differently.
    4. After expiration of the payment date, the booker is neglect and a legal interest of 10% will be charged. The interest rate is charged from the expiration date of the payment until the date the payment is received.
    5. Cancellations by booker between 4 and 1 week before performance date, 50% of the agreed upon amount will be charged. Cancellations shorter than 1 week before performance date, 75% of the agreed upon amount will be charged. Cancellations within 24 hours of the performance date, 100% of the agreed upon amount will be charged.