Dutch Glory

old-fashioned Dutch amusement

Fellow countrymen!
Art on Stilts revives the good old times with Dutch Glory.

Imagine yourself back in the good old days, when children still walked the streets on wooden stilts, where everyone remained young and fit. Our feet remained dry even at the highest of tides!

Do you remember 'bite-the-cake', stilt walks and a sack race in the streets, when the children were still playing outside. So go ahead, take your kids away from the screen and tv and enjoy that touch of nostalgia and old-fashioned Dutch amusement.

Just like back then: as if those beautiful good old times have never been gone.

Dutch Glory at it's best!

This fun & interactive street theater act brings old-fashioned Dutch amusement to any event.

These Dutch Ladies are off course also on stilts and entertain the audience with old-fashioned Dutch games such as 'bite-the-cake', a sack-race and of course ...walking on wooden stilts!

The ladies can also be used for promotional purposes, handing out tulips / flyers / handouts or to support a specific (informational) program at schools, events or conferences.

If desired, the act can be supplemented with an actor in "polygon news style", complete with the well-known voice that many Dutch people are familiar with from the cinema news. The actor accompanies the ladies and the audience at the various games, gives (unsolicited) comment and makes it complete!

The act is available in 3 x 40 minutes within a 4-hour time period.

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Dutch Glory

Type of Events:
Holland theme, street fairs, neighborhood parties, events, shopping centers, 'past times' theme, (children's) festivities, many other (tailor-made) possibilities.

Show Time:
3 x 40 minuten.

2 stilt walkers + optional "polygon" actor.

Art on Stilts provides wooden stilts, 'bite the cake' and a sack race. Very suitable for the whole family.

On request.